Speed Sells: How quickly do you get your message in front of retail partners?

When disseminating a message, today’s technology presents a choice – slow and cumbersome or fast and efficient.

In the past, a company’s creative team produced sales brochures, product videos and promotional offerings, among other things, that would be shared with the sales team and then spread to retail buyers.

It was cumbersome. The creative team had to get the content to the group that manages sales before sending that information out to the sales team in the field. It may have been something as simple as a YouTube link or content that needed to be downloaded from a file-sharing site. Sometimes it was something slower, a flash drive sent through the mail.

Using this system, with sales reps busy pounding the pavement, getting the message to its intended destination is a brutally slow process. It can take days – sometimes weeks – for the message to reach its intended target.

And, even when it does get where it needs to go, it often only reaches top customers. After all of that time and effort, there is no guarantee the content is consumed.

Does this process sound familiar? Well, while you are dealing with slow and cumbersome, your competition is using VendorPage to be fast and efficient. VendorPage provides the speed and functionality to quickly and efficiently spread your message.

Their creative team produces material and uploads it directly to their page where it is immediately viewed and consumed by all approved retail partners and sales teams.

There are no emails to forward, no downloads needed and certainly no flash drives dropped in the mail. But, most important, there is no waiting.

So make the right choice. Choose VendorPage. Choose fast and efficient.

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