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Seven Deadly Sins of Selling

Too many companies sabotage their sales efforts needlessly. Be forewarned of vices that can lead your team and numbers astray…


Slow response to customers’ queries invariably leads them to seek other suppliers who will give them the info they need immediately, if not sooner. Successful sellers leverage the latest systems to speed information flow and improve customer response.


While some organizations marvel at new technologies at conferences and webinars, their competitors are on the ground using them to steal away their customers.


When it comes to effective selling, accuracy is king. Incorrect, out-of-date product and pricing data are poisons that kill long-standing relationships.


Too often companies unknowingly foster a counter-productive environment of toxicity between reps — pitting them against each other, rather than the competition.


Marketing campaigns tend to generate rapidly diminishing returns with reuse. Effective communication programs provide fresh, engaging content to keep buyers and prospects interested.


Too many sales reps devote all their efforts on the 20% of their customers who generate 80% of their commissions, effectively not caring about the huge majority of their customer base. They also forfeit the opportunity to develop any of these smaller accounts into big ones.


Just as objects in motion or rest tend to stay that way, companies all too often maintain processes simply because they’ve always done it that way. The result is that sales personnel tend to get saddled with admin chores that have nothing to do with selling, affecting their numbers accordingly.

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