How do you keep in touch with your vendors?

Businesses move at breakneck speed, so staying up-to-date on your vendors’ ever changing business-critical information can be exhausting and not the most effective way to spend your time and resources. VendorPage® is a free, cloud-based B2B website solution, allowing you to access relevant and timely information from multiple vendors all in one location.

VendorPage® is your one-stop solution for vendor information.

By connecting with your vendors on VendorPage®, you will always have the latest information and marketing opportunities at your fingertips. VendorPage® offers an elegant and organized platform where you can find:

  • Product catalogs
  • Price lists
  • Closeouts
  • Sales programs
  • Press releases
  • …and more!

Be the first to know when your vendors have new opportunities.

The VendorPage® platform alerts buyers any time your vendors post new information, files, or sales program opportunities. Now you can access all of your vendor information through just one website and one password, anytime and through any device.

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Product Features

Connect With Vendors

In addition to connecting with your current vendors, invite new vendors you’re not currently doing business with and expand your opportunities.

Single Information Source

Access all of your vendors’ information through one website, with one password.

Safe and Private

Cloud-based and accessible through any device 24/7, encrypted SSL/TLS security.

Never Miss an Opportunity

Log in to VendorPage® and immediately see the latest promotions and deals being offered by your vendors in your news feed.

Quick Setup

VendorPage® is free for buyers. Register your account in minutes, no training or IT required.

Did we mention VendorPage® is FREE for buyers and sales teams?

Start accessing multiple vendors through one platform, one password, anytime, anywhere and through any device today.


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