I have accounts that buy under different pricing and program structures. Is there a way that I can separate what customers see?

Yes! VendorPage® allows you to create an unlimited number of user groups and assign documents and postings to whichever group you choose.

Can my competitors see my information?

VendorPage® allows you to choose exactly who can see your information. Only buyers that you have invited to connect with you can access your files and promotions, and you choose what level of access to grant them. No other vendor accounts can see any of your information or files.

Is my information safe?

Yes. VendorPage® uses Amazon Cloud Storage, one of the most secure server solutions available. Additionally, we employ encrypted SSL/TLS security to ensure your documents stay safe.

Can I cancel VendorPage® at any time?

Yes. Although we believe once you start using VendorPage® you won’t want to operate without it, your subscription may be cancelled at any time and your VendorPage® profile and information will be removed.

Does VendorPage® have a set-up fee?

No. Our monthly fee for vendors is all-inclusive, and you will be able to set up and start using your VendorPage® in minutes.

How many users can I invite to VendorPage®?

VendorPage® allows you to invite as many users as you would like, all for one low monthly fee. We do not charge on a per-user basis.

Is there a limit to how many files I can upload?

No. VendorPage® offers unlimited file storage and sharing with your monthly account, all available 24/7, across any device, from our secure servers.

If someone no longer works for me, or if we no longer do business with a particular customer, can I delete them from my VendorPage® account?

Yes, simply delete their email address and they will no longer have access.

Does VendorPage® work on mobile devices?

Yes. VendorPage® displays and fully functions across any device or operating system.

How much does VendorPage® cost?

For vendors, there are three tiers to choose from: Silver costs $100/month for up to 20 users, Gold costs $200/month for 21 to 50 users, and Platinum costs $500/month for unlimited users. For buyers, VendorPage® is FREE!

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