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Distractions that Keep Salespeople from Selling

Every organization pays its sales staff to sell. Unfortunately, all too often companies impose needless drains on their reps’ time and energy; unsuspectingly erecting roadblocks to their success. Checkout a few of the biggest offenders…

Forwarding Emails and Other Marketing Communication Tasks

While it’s vitally important to maintain communication with buyers, far too much of this responsibility can fall on the shoulders of already overworked salespeople. Tasks such as forwarding marketing emails and sending product updates tend to be huge distractions.

Managing Files and Product Information

Excessive time spent finding the latest pricing, product specs, delivery, and other info per customers’ requests poses another big hurdle to reps forced to work with outdated systems. Likewise, companies can leverage the latest systems to turn response time into a competitive advantage.

Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings

While an essential part of the business day, many salespeople report having to spend way too much time in meetings which have little to do with their needs on the ground. Many organizations are using a variety of successful strategies to share info while respecting the time of their workers.

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