Ace Your Next Trade Show

You’re at a trade show. You want buyers to collect, examine and consume your collateral. You want that first impression to linger. You want it to last.

How do you best accomplish that?

Traditionally, you would hand out hard copies of catalogs or other information. But what if they’re traveling light? What if they ask you to mail them a copy? Or maybe you hand them a flash drive. Will they open it once they return home?

Your message is one of many buyers will receive. It needs to stand out. It needs to be easily accessed.

With all of the information available at a trade show, using traditional methods doesn’t guarantee your message will reach its intended target, not to mention the potential cost of shipping catalogs back to the home office after the event or the waste that comes with simply throwing them away.

So what do you do? Well, you turn to VendorPage.

Now, instead of needing a hard-copy catalog or thumb drive, all you have to do is share your VendorPage with buyers, allowing them to have access to all of your collateral whenever they need it.

Using the service makes life easier on the buyers. No catalogs to carry. No thumb drives to remember, just information – updated in real time – at the click of a link.

Before heading to your next trade show, make sure you’re using VendorPage to disseminate your message.

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