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Is Your Organization Striving for the 80/20 Rule?

80/20 Rule, It May Be True. But Smart Marketers Are Making It Irrelevant.

It’s a common business maxim that 80% of sales come from 20% of customers. Traditionally, salespeople have been strongly motivated to virtually ignore the huge majority of buyers, in favor of pursuing the biggest fish. However, more and more companies are leveraging new tech to treat all customers like big fish. Checkout a few of the ways…

Automated Email Updates

Technology performs repetitive tasks much better and cheaper than humans. Relieving sales staff of the job of forwarding marketing emails helps everyone — giving reps more time to sell, and keeping buyers and vendors regularly apprised.

Cloud Resources

Powerful cloud platforms truly democratize access and information flow. Sellers no longer have to prioritize. They can deliver one level on service to every buyer, no matter their size: first-class.

Freeing Humans For Human Contact

More companies are literally working smarter by using new systems to do what they do best – enabling people to do what we do best, namely maintaining personal contact with customers and vendors. Which means reps have more time to devote to those customers outside their treasured top 20%.

Put your sales force in overdrive. Equip your reps with VendorPage’s automated cloud capabilities, and watch them go! Learn more. Send us a shout now!

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